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As part of the delivery of the project I designed a work-in-progress exhibition, showcasing the children's work, documentation of the workshops and some pieces of my own that were inspired by the children. The title of the exhibition Tell Me What Your Body Feels Like Doing, was taken from the monitoring chart, and I made an interactive vinyl wall drawing version of the chart. My aim for the show was to give the children a chance to feel the buzz of having your work up on a white wall and having all your friends, family and the public come and admire it. The exhibition allowed me to reflect on what I'd learned during my time at the school.  I also wanted to show other artists and creatives how inspiring children are, their lightness of touch and the way that their play can be so fruitful to adults too. I was really keen that the whole show gave a flavour of the fun I'd had with the children too, and the big blobs and vinyl rain drops reflect the immense joy of free unstructured play.

More information about my work can be found on the GSA Community Engagement blog. A recording of an in conversation event with fellow artist and play worker, Max Alexander, that I was part of can be found here.

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